Buying Tips

    • Be sure that buying a home is definitely the option for your particular circumstances. Renting has its benefits especially if you move around a lot.
    • Anybody can get pre-qualified for a loan. Have your loan pre-approved to know exactly how much you can borrow. Estimate additional costs. Consider carefully what you can afford now, not the maximum you are allowed to borrow.
    • Prepare a short list of preferred areas and your “must-have” criteria that suit your lifestyle.
    • Inspect as many properties as you can. Work with experienced professionals for a third-party opinion, such as home inspectors to avoid costly repairs. Any issues found by an inspector with the home can be used as a bargaining tool for lowering the price.
    • Decide with your head not your heart. Going with your emotions means that you might end up making some bad financial decisions. Instead, you can go with your instincts when you recognize that you’re getting a great house for a good value.
    • Stalk the neighborhood. Even if you think you have found the perfect home, you may be soon discovering that the neighborhood is not for you. Go around at all times of the day. Try to find out where are the nearest store and other services. Search if there are schools around eve if you do not have children as it can affect the value of the home.
    • Establish a connection with the seller. The seller who is emotionally connected to the property may favor a buyer who wants to occupy the property over an investor who intends to rent or re-sell the property.
    • Buyers showing kindness and taking any opportunity to pay compliment to the space they want to buy instead of pointing out the property’s shortcomings seem to separate themselves and gain an advantage.


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