Selling Tips

  • Your property must be prepared for selling prior to listing it on the market. A properly priced property will sell between few weeks and few months, depending on the chosen timing, the market conditions and the value of the property. It is in your best interests to allow additional two weeks prior to its listing for preparing both the property and the marketing strategy. This process is not time consuming or expensive, but can make a difference between getting a reasonable price and getting the best possible price. We believe that the way your property is presented is such a critical factor in the selling process, that we developed a partnership with a certified home staging company to help you in preparing the property.
  • You want to achieve maximum return on your property, however you must price it competitively. Even if it is greatly staged and extensively promoted on the market, if the price is unrealistic, your property’s place in the market will stagnate. After ending up reducing the price, sometimes more than once, your property can be ignored because the “days on market” indicator is so high and buyers might assume something has to be wrong with it and move on to the next listing.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words – this has never been more important for the real estate industry than it is nowadays. Postpone your property listing until you have the most captivating photographs.
  • Most of the time, your first buyer is your best buyer. Take your first buyer seriously as he is highly motivated and ready to do the transaction. His offer might be lower than you expected but in few months time you may end up reducing the price even lower than your first offer. By that time, your first buyer already bought another property.
  • Instead of providing reasons to the buyer to negotiate and to offer a lower price, invest some time and money to make your property as problem-free as possible before you put it on the market. Buyers do not want to deal with repairs or maintenance work after they close and most likely, a cost of EUR 200 with the plumber or electrician before listing on the market could save EUR 2,000 in a lower offer.
  • You are not selling a house, you are selling a lifestyle. Consult a professional home stager to know what fancy final touches can make a powerful sales pitch and create emotional connection points with the buyer that could help your home receive higher offers and sell faster. For a buyer who wants to purchase your house, decision making and emotions are inescapably intertwined. People want to be associated with the brand that feels more upscale, so think of your home as the luxury, brand-name product, while all the other houses on a buyer’s list as the generic version. When a home appears luxurious, it promises aspirational home buyers the lifestyle they have worked so hard to earn. You do not need many luxury or expensive items to convey an upscale look for your home staging. A professional home stager can recommend you the right items that make a subtle but impactful difference.

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