Why Photography Matters

Photography has never been more important for the real estate industry than it is nowadays, thus we took steps to develop our in-house high quality photography services, for your listing to grab the attention of home buyers and sell fast.

With so much information available online, you only have a few seconds to retain buyers’ attention. If you do not have property photos yet, it is better to postpone its listing. With limited time and so many listings to look at, buyers will move on if photos do not best reflect the property.

Professional photos increase the likelihood that a potential buyer will contact you to gain more information. Photos can be the hook that will start this process. Photos are the curb appeal of the digital age and they have to be good.

To achieve such objective, some preliminary steps are recommended:

    • The shoot has to be planned in advance, sometimes as much as a week, and time and energy should be spent as for staging and creating the curb appeal.
    • The first image that is seen online by a potential buyer is the outside/exterior photo. It needs to be taken from the best angle and in the best light, preferably in the early-mid morning or mid-late afternoon when sunlight is softer to avoid shadows. But to show off natural light, photos should be taken in the middle of the day when the sun is at the best angle.
    • It’s important to present accurate images for a complete overview of the property while accentuating its best assets – and playing down possible drawbacks. Certainly, photo-editing software has nowadays great functionalities to alter photos, but just because it is possible, it does not mean that it should be done. The use of special effects can distort the photo and possibly misrepresents the property. A great photo has to shine without unnecessary enhancement.
    • Home staging can make a big difference. If the interior is looking dated or vacant, consider bringing in furniture, artwork or accessories to facilitate potential buyers to visualize the property potential and perceive it as their future home.
    • The lasting impression: after touring the property and returning in front of their computers to look again to its photos, they should have a clear image how each room relates to the next. A high-quality property portfolio, both photo and video presentations if possible, keep the prospective buyers interested and may even encourage them to come back for another look.


When you list your property on the market, you are facing competition from other similar properties.

Contact us if you would like us to highlight your property with attractive photos when listed for sale, that are meant to attract more buyers and shorten the time it sits on the market!

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